Volume 1 – The KEY to Being Recovered

AA 12 Steps For Everyone answers many questions and common misconceptions. More importantly, it will provide the tools to successfully embrace long term sobriety. Here are just some of the questions this text answers: What is an Alcoholic? Am I an Alcoholic? If I am an Alcoholic what must I do? When have I recovered? If I don’t drink & go to meetings am I sober? Why is AA supposed to be more successful than other methods? Why was AA more successful in the 30’s and 40’s than today.


volume-1Author ‘SantaC’ has been a vital part of the early recovery for many of my clients here at Blue Mountain Counseling. One of the striking features of “A A’s 12 STEPS FOR EVERYONE” is that it answers so many questions that ‘newcomers’ have. It also brings to the forefront what made early AA so successful.

A must read for any counselor who comes into contact with alcoholic clients, this book will ‘un-bastardize’ what treatment centers have done in trying to change AA from its early roots.

K. Todd Wagner, LICSW-CDP
Clinical Director –  Blue Mountain Counseling, Dayton, Washington

Through a large amount of research and personal interviews, ‘Santa C.’ Has passed on the foundation of early A.A. which eliminates the revolving door syndrome that occurs too frequently in today’s A.A. I highly recommend this for newcomers and old-timers alike.

George G. – Wichita, KS

As a psychologist with a 30 year practice, I recommend A A’s 12 STEPS FOR EVERYONE for both the professional and the layperson – The information and tools in this book can aid anyone in the journey of recovery and help them become “happy, joyous & free”.

John B. – Houston