What is Santa C’s Key to Recovery?

Santa’s Key to Recovery is a series of three books written to assist you in your success in Alcoholics Anonymous. There is also a Video Series to step you through.

volume-1Volume 1 – The KEY to Being Recovered

AA 12 Steps For Everyone answers many questions and common misconceptions. More importantly, it will provide the tools to successfully embrace long term sobriety. Here are just some of the questions this text answers: What is an Alcoholic? Am I an Alcoholic? If I am an Alcoholic what must I do? When have I recovered? If I don’t drink & go to meetings am I sober? Why is AA supposed to be more successful than other methods? Why was AA more successful in the 30’s and 40’s than today.

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volume-2Volume 2 – Prayer & Meditation

PRAYER & MEDITATION Expect a miracle. Early on in Alcoholics Anonymous, the members had a far greater rate of sobriety than now. Can the miracle of recovery still happen? In this book, Santa C. takes us back to the roots of the Twelve Steps. In early Twelve Step Groups, members were taught about prayer and meditation, and how to seek God?s Will in their life. So often today in meetings of AA around the world, newcomers are overwhelmed with war stories and problems, and oftentimes do not hear about the solution. Then along came treatment centers for various addictions, and people being counseled that a Higher Power could be a door knob or anything they wanted it to be. I first heard about this in the treatment center I went to in 1984, and as a chemical dependency counselor since 1989, not much has changed. I truly wish every counselor picked this book up before messing up another person?s life with such nonsense. I remember myself being a new member in AA, and being told to read only ?conference approved? literature and books, but wondered what books the early pioneers in AA read. In this book, you will find this out! Whether you are a newcomer or an old-timer in a Twelve Step Program, this book will teach you how to surrender, pray, meditate, but most importantly, it will strengthen your spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. And yes, as author Santa C. points out in this book, the miracle still happens. K. Todd Wagner, LICSW, CDP Clinical Director Blue Mountain Counseling, Dayton, Washington


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volume-3Volume 3 – Sponsorship 101

SantaC’s book, “A A’s 12 Steps for Everyone – Sponsorship 101” contains the truth about A.A., Sponsorship and will give you the Key to Being Recovered. Read this book and find out how they had a 93% recovery rate in Cleveland in the early 1940s and how you can use the same principles applied then, today. This book shows you how to qualify a sponsee and using the same principles, how to find a good sponsor. You will learn how to sponsor new A.A.’s and give them the key to being recovered. From this book you will meet your Higher Power and see God, the same as I and many others have.


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